LikhaDito Arts and Crafts Philippines is committed to providing top-quality, elegant rosette leis but at the same time, affordable for the Filipino budget.

Pricing for Rosette Leis

Our rosette leis come in 5 pricing tier, each tier is guaranteed to be more elegant than the former. We have the classic, a typical 3-layer rosette lei with simple design along with this, you’ll also have the option to swap the brocade trimmings to a satin ribbon necklace thus bringing down the price to that of a Ribbon Rosette Lei. Simple by our standards, but by no means simple compared to our competitors. We also have the elite-tier; these rosette leis come with a layer of knife-pleated or box-pleated ribbons on its first layer. We also have the prestige, which, aside from the pleated layer, also has faux pearls or rhinestones in it, adding that extra layer of elegance that catches attention. Lastly, we have the Luxury-tier. Our proud creation that we also consider as our flagship designs. These rosette leis come with a steep price compared to the others, but you’ll definitely see why.


Our commitment to creating affordable yet elegant rosette leis does not stop at our reasonably priced products. We also offer huge discounts for large events. See our pricing table for your reference.

Design TierRetail Price20 pieces or more50 pieces or more100 pieces or more500 pieces or more
Ribbon Rosette Lei₱170₱160₱155₱140₱120
Classic Tier Rosette Lei₱200₱190₱185₱170₱150
Elite Tier Rosette Lei₱250₱240₱235₱220₱200
Prestige Tier Rosette Lei₱300₱290₱285₱270₱250
Luxury Tier Rosette Lei₱450₱440₱435₱430₱400
Price may change without prior notice. Price indicated is as per piece basis upon reaching the number of required orders per design count.

Ribbon Rosette Leis (₱120 – ₱170)

Our Ribbon Rosette Leis are the most affordable variant yet. It features the same centerpiece option as the Classic-Tier, but instead of using brocade trimmings for the necklace, we’ll use satin ribbon instead.

Classic-Tier Rosette Leis (₱150 – ₱200)

A Classic-tier 3-layer rosette leis with satin ribbon petals. Typically accented by organza ribbons or metallic ribbons for that added detail. The classic tier may be the cheapest in our list, but it certainly does not lack elegance. The classic-tier rosette lei designs typically do not have faux pearls and rhinestones, and are typically only up to 3 layers of petals.

Elite-Tier Rosette Leis (₱200 – ₱250)

Elite-tier rosette leis are our best sellers. It perfectly captures the balance between elegance and affordability. These rosette lei designs typically have faux pearls and rhinestones that sets them apart from the Classic-tier. Elite-tier also typically has 3 to 4 layers of petals, and some layers are typically accented by metallic ribbons or organza ribbons.

Prestige-Tier Rosette Leis (₱250 – ₱300)

The Prestige-tier comes with at least 5-layers of opulence. This design can have multiple layers of pleated ribbons, rhinestones and faux pearls. The amount of detail in these pieces are surely something that will highlight the importance of your event and your guests.

Luxury-Tier Rosette Leis (₱400 – ₱450)

Our proud creation– the Luxury-tier rosette leis are the cornerstone of our rosette lei-making history. These flagship designs will surely be a headturner in any event. It takes incredible craftsmanship and attention to detail to craft one of these lei designs. These luxury-tiers do not have a defined set of layers, as we will go above what’s possible to make them better and better.