Where did welcome lei originate from?

The tradition of welcome leis originated in Hawaii, symbolizing hospitality and goodwill. They are often made from flowers, shells, or other natural materials.

What does welcome lei represent?

Welcome leis represent and symbolize hospitality, friendship, and warmth. They are offered as a gesture of greeting and good wishes in various cultures, notably in Hawaii and the Philippines.

What does the money lei symbolize?

A money lei symbolizes good luck, prosperity, and generosity. It is a creative and celebratory way to gift money for special occasions like graduations and weddings.

What is the lei for graduation?

The lei for graduation is a symbol of achievement and honor. Graduates often receive leis, commonly made of flowers or money, as a gesture of celebration and recognition for their accomplishments.

Do Filipinos use leis?

Yes, Filipinos use leis, known as “sampaguita” or flower garlands, for various occasions. These leis symbolize hospitality, respect, and celebration in Filipino culture. Modern variation also includes the usage of “rosette leis” made from jacquard fabric and satin ribbons.

Do Filipinos give leis for graduation?

Yes, giving leis for graduation is a common tradition in Filipino culture. It serves as a gesture of congratulations, honor, and best wishes for the graduate’s future endeavors.

Where can I buy rosette leis in the Philippines?

To buy rosette leis in the Philippines, you can explore local flower shops and specialty lei stores like LikhaDito Arts and Crafts, or check online platforms like Lazada and Shopee for a variety of options and sellers offering rosette leis. Additionally, you may find them in marketplaces or stalls during festive seasons or events.

How much do rosette leis cost?

Our rosette ribbon leis typically cost between ₱100 to ₱350. The price can vary depending on several factors such as design, materials, size, and seller.

How can I order rosette leis?

To order rosette leis, you can visit local flower shops and specialty lei stores, or explore online marketplaces such as Lazada, Shopee, or other e-commerce platforms in the Philippines. You can also email us at likhaditophilippines@gmail.com or message us on our Facebook page.

What kind of ribbon do you use for ribbon leis?

For ribbon leis, you can use a variety of ribbons depending on your preference and the occasion. Satin ribbon, grosgrain ribbon, or a combination of both are commonly used for making ribbon leis.